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Nothing like Christmas causes old and unresolved family problems.

With the rest of Europe, isolated from England, in hibernation, 32,000 people visited Barcelona’s Olympic Stadium last night to watch Catalonia beat Honduras, the 4-0 winner of the World Cup last summer, with Bojan Krkic of Barca.

The Catalan Eleven also had the standard of Blaugran Carles Puyol and teammate Sergio Busquets, who both climbed to the Spanish World Cup in South Africa after the World play bazaar Cup this year. Although Barça is tough on the team, the Catalan team actually has many players from another team in the city, Español.

The Catalan national team remains unknown in FIFA or UEFA, as do some “countries” in Europe, such as Corsica, Gibraltar, Jersey, Kosovo, Monaco and the Vatican. FIFA now demands full recognition from the United Nations before it punches anything rubber, but in its attempt to accept the “forgotten countries”, they focus their imperfections on the state of football. sovereign states such as Andorra, the Faroe Islands Togel Online Islands, Liechtenstein and San Marino, as well as the four countries that make up the United Kingdom, with only one UN seat.

The upcoming season in Spain or in the middle of the winter break are the only times the Catalan national team can really come together, but with evidence of recent departures, their team, which is now training Barcelona idol Johan Cruyff, could be a force. to be in European football when it is played. always: Last year they defeated Diego Maradona 4: 2 at Camp Nou, last year they defeated Colombia 2: 1 and in 2003 they defeated Ecuador 4: 0, five years after a memorable 5: 0 defeat with Nigeria. And tonight Catalan aces Cesc Fabregas, Gerard Pique and Xavi, the footballer of the year 2010 at the 2010 World Cup, are not in their lineup.

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