One look: Diego Suarez (Dynamo Kyiv)


Holders of the South American Under-20 Championship can never find a weak spot. The man in charge of today’s Canarinha is Dung’s right-hand man Rogério Moraes Lourenço. All teams in Brazil play in good faith in their home country by law, which now prohibits players from traveling abroad on their 18th birthdays. Not even if the national team is facing seven World Cup titles in the under-20 and 17-year-old categories. Brazilian youth teams were able to collect silver in another seventeen tournaments in South America.

One look: Douglas Costa (Gremio)


Colombia faces a difficult task in the first attempt to advance from the first phase of the group. Coach José Helmer play bazaar Silva has recently been hired and will have to organize his units well if they have a chance in the competition. Failure to qualify for the last U20 World Cup will provide the impetus needed for a single country to break Brazil and Argentina’s dominance in the league over the past 25 years. Another plus for Colombians is that their fans don’t have to travel far and have to come out in numbers to support their team.

On guard: Camilo Vargas (Independiente Santa Fe)


Chile’s expectations are high after the country finished third three years ago at the Under-20 World Cup in Canada. The problem is that coach José Sulantay and most of the team have moved on in the meantime. Substitute coach Ivo Basay will have to work with the players around him to meet expectations as much as possible. Chile has already robbed the influential Eduard Vargas, who was forced to resign due to injury.

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