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With less than two weeks to go before the kick off for World Cup ’06 what is the discerning follower of football fashion going to be wearing in Germany?

England Helmets – protect your bonce for harmful rays with this plastic World War II Wehrmacht classic tit for tatSales of England goods have been doing well including German World War II helmets complete with a St. George Cross.

What the average German will make of hundreds of Dutch and England supporters donning World War II headgear remains to be seen.

Still they should have lots of auxiliary uses – a makeshift play bazaar a lid to keep the sun off your lager, even a bag to carry your lagers.

To avoid being arrested or truncheoned by an angry German Polizeiman, simply turn your get-out-of-trouble-quick t-shirt inside out and, quicker than you can say A more subtle approach to getting on well with the hosts is Karmarama’s reversible England Get Out of Trouble Quick T-shirt. To avoid being arrested or truncheoned by an angry German Polizeiman, simply turn your get-out-of-trouble-quick t-shirt inside out and, quicker than you can say “But I’m just an innocent bystander officer,” you’ll be transformed from a devoted and loyal England footie fan into a passive German cat lover. This reversible red t-shirt comes in 100% quality soft cotton.

More traditional England caps, t-shirts, bags and golf towels have also been selling well. Our distributors England 4 Ever have kept prices down and sales have been global, not just limited to the UK, showing the universal appeal of the England national team branding.

Liquid Football’s superb collection of alternative World Cup T-shirts includes some great chest statements against racism and violence, a cool Soca Warriors number plus our favorites the Ich Liebe Fussball series.

Show your support for the Red Devils with these all new Dragon Let’s Go Korea teesFor followers of the South Korean national team, who really wear their hearts on the sleeve, Soccerphile has the official South Korean national team jersey in both red and white AND in XXL sizes for the first time, along with the new Red Dragon tees – Let’s Go Korea!

Soccerphile’s very own T-shirts to show your love for the game and a peaceful, friendly World Cup are available in here.

We particularly like the green and yellow colors.

I’m Not A Hooligan – Ich bin Kein HooliganFinally, don’t miss out on our very own “I’M NOT A HOOLIGAN T-SHIRTS, which were a hit in Korea/Japan 2002 and this new bilingual English-German version for 2006 makes a clear statement why you are in Germany in the first place – enjoyment and fun not violence and hate. Get one now!

Germany and World Cup Cup Soccer 2006

Though Germany is the host of the 2006 World Cup and this extravaganza begins 9th of June. The first match of Germany will be held with Costa Rica so here Germany will have to be extra careful as they will have a tough start to their World Cup campaign.

Germany is a very strong and experienced team in world cup soccer as they were the champions in the 1954, 1974 and 1990 World Cups. During the entire World Cup of 2006 very unpredictable results will be seen because of three aspects of Mars: that is Mars’ and Saturn’s conjunction, Mars is debilitated and Mars’ aspects to Jupiter.

Jupiter is the indicator of highly skilled expert persons. So in this world cup highly skilled players may be badly injured and unpleasant events may occur. Security measures should be very tight, extra care and protection is needed; in spite of all kind of precaution and extra attention, a fire can take place or even terrorist’s activities may take place.

Moreover Moon will also debilitated on 9th June at exactly 07:00pm at the LMT Munich. So it is also a mark of danger for Germany.

In this World Cup some of the star players will make some foolish mistakes; they may become violent in the ground and lead to a quarrels with opposition players and the referee. This will result in too many penalties during the matches and this will create unexpected results. Many stars players will get yellow cards.

From 09 June to 18 June, Germany’s malefic planets will be active. Unexpected sudden problems will take place for Germany, which will be the reason of mental harassment and tension for them.

Unexpected and strange results will be seen in Stuttgart Stadium and Kaiserslautern Stadium. Dortmund Stadium needs extra security and protection because this stadium is highly affected by the Planet Mars, as it is debilitated and conjunct with the Planet Saturn, so the situation is like fire over petrol. Stuttgart Stadium is highly affected by the Rahu (Dragon Head), Kaiserslautern Stadium is highly affected by Ketu (Dragon Tail) so both of these stadiums will be sensitive.

Though analysis of Germany’s team and matches indicates ups and downs and uncertain events will take place during their matches. The path to capture this World Cup will not be very smooth for Germany. But Germany’s team will be in the quarterfinals.

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